Newly Registered Architects

Congratulations to the following individuals who passed the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) and were registered in December, 2017.

Reg # Name Home
26816 Eric LaPointe Wylie, TX
26826 Zhichun Xu Sugarland, TX
26817 Aaron Michael Grant San Diego, CA
26856 Samuel Michael Stevens SAN ANTONIO, TX
26828 Brita K. Pearson San Antonio, TX
26829 Kolton J. Barnes Richardson, TX
26837 Scott Benjamin Kapczynski Lacy Lakeview, TX
26823 August Scott Kutra Houston, TX
26824 Jason Michael Miller Houston, TX
26825 Alan Christopher Bunker Houston, TX
26857 Eric Glenn Henderson Houston, TX
26820 Kelly Elizabeth Lawley Georgetown, TX
26838 Stephanie A. Colwell Fort Worth, TX
26815 Jonathan David Bartkowicz Dallas, TX
26818 Kimberly Schuessler Dallas, TX
26839 Cassandra Lynn Reimers Dallas, TX
26845 Joshua Evan Frederick Dallas, TX
26851 Ryan Wilson Dallas, TX
26859 Kyle Stephen Kenerley Dallas, TX
26863 Ryan Solomon Hardy Dallas, TX
26819 Paul Robertson Duke Corpus Christi, TX
26840 Nathan S. Brandt Bryan, TX
26827 Adrianna Moreno Austin, TX
26858 Julie Ann Williams Austin, TX

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