Newly Registered Interior Designers

Congratulations to the following individuals who passed the National Council of Interior Designers Qualification (NCIDQ) Registration Examination and were registered in January, 2018.

Reg # Name Home
11941 Emily A. Cano Austin, TX
11942 LINH T. TRAN sachse, TX
11943 Carolina Leonor Boggess San Antonio, TX
11944 Kelly Elizabeth Satre Richardson, TX
11945 Rebecca Marie Christy dallas, TX
11946 Cynthia Scott-McDowell Houston, TX
11948 Autumn Smalley San Antonio, TX
11949 Kelli Lathrop Houston, TX
11950 Roman Pulido Mendez lake jackson, TX
11951 Lauren Koepp Tines Austin, TX
11952 Melody Pokladnik Carrollton, TX
11953 Irene Malaty Houston, TX
11954 Heather L. Freeman Dallas, TX
11955 Dranoel Micole Washington MISSOURI CITY, TX
11956 Jonathan Michael Olvera San Antonio, TX
11957 Catherine Fay Alvarado San Antonio, TX
11958 Xavier Adolfo Cantu San Antonio, TX

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