Newly Registered Interior Designers

Congratulations to the following individuals who passed the National Council of Interior Designers Qualification (NCIDQ) Registration Examination and were registered in December, 2017.

Reg # Name Home
11920 Rebecca Goldstein Austin, TX
11936 Katrina Rutledge Austin, TX
11937 Alison Bradshaw Austin, TX
11939 Lesley Sukup Austin, TX
11921 Brian Richard Fox Dallas, TX
11928 Kelsey Lauren Krueger Dallas, TX
11934 LORENA TOFFER Dallas, TX
11940 Dahaeng Lee Dallas, TX
11935 Holly Leann Bosler DALLAS, TX
11927 Randy DeWayne White Frisco, TX
11925 Aqueel Najmuddin Suleimanji Houston, TX
11926 David L. Robinson Houston, TX
11933 Vikki Lynn Benefiel Houston, TX
11930 Nidia E. Settembre Jbsa Fort Sam Houston, TX
11919 Jeanette Shaw Kingwood, TX
11924 STEPHEN L. OLIVER League City, TX
11938 Jennifer Lauren Kelly Melrose, MA
11922 Kevin Patrick McClellan San Antonio, TX
11932 Blakeley Lorraine Dent San Antonio, TX
11918 Sarah Marie Urquhart San Marcos, TX
11931 Tamara Vaughan Myers Southlake, TX
11929 Edgar E. Gallegos Spring, TX

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