How to submit fingerprints: detailed instructions for in-state TBAE registrants

Note: You must create a TBAE online account 72 hours prior to proceeding, if you do not already have one.

This section applies to:

  • Active-status TBAE registrants who reside in Texas
  • Inactive- or Emeritus-status registrants who wish to switch back to Active status, and who reside in Texas
  • Exam or reciprocal candidates who plan to become registered in Texas and who reside in Texas
  • The process, step by step:

    1. Get started early.   Appointments to submit fingerprints must be scheduled ahead of time (walk-ins are not possible with the state-chosen vendor), and time slots for any given location and date may be difficult to find.   Planning ahead can be hugely helpful, so don’t wait until the last few days before you need to renew.   Giving at least a few weeks of lead time before you plan to renew is a very good idea, and in some cases it is smart to give yourself even more time.   Factors that can cause delays might include:
      1. Unpredictable floods of people trying to schedule appointments for any number of reasons (concealed handgun licenses, new requirements on other professionals such as 50,000-plus professional engineers, or other unknown factors)
      2. Some fingerprinting offices (particularly, it seems, outside large cities) are open only one or two days a week, and their time slots fill up quickly
      3. Hectic holiday schedules and office closures
      4. Some other unknown complication
    2. Have the following information handy, because the fingerprinting vendor will ask you for it during the fingerprint appointment scheduling process:
      1. Name
      2. Date of birth
      3. Sex
      4. Race
      5. Ethnicity
      6. Skin tone
      7. Height
      8. Weight
      9. Eye color
      10. Hair color
      11. Place of birth
      12. Home address
      13. Note: During your appointment you will be asked for Social Security Number and Driver’s License Number, so please have those ready when you arrive at the fingerprinting vendor’s office.
    3. Print out a TBAE FAST Pass for in-state registrants.   The FAST Pass contains general instructions, though this page is intended to provide instructions and help in much greater detail than that found on the FAST Pass itself.
    4. Complete and sign the FAST Pass form.   Keep it handy, because you will need to bring it to your appointment.   (For now, you can ignore the “Original TCN” part.   It may be used later if there is some problem with your fingerprint submission.)
    5. Visit the State’s fingerprinting vendor online at to schedule an appointment at the vendor’s office most convenient to you.   (Or you can call toll free at 888-467-2080 and the live operator will walk you through the scheduling process.   Instructions presented here pertain to the online scheduling process.)
    6. Select Texas or click this direct link. (Annotated screenshot)
    7. Click Online Scheduling. (Annotated screenshot) At this point, a new window or browser tab may pop up, which is normal.
    8. Click the link at the end of the prompt, "Don’t know your service code? Contact your agency/organization or Click Here."   (See screenshot with indication where to click)
    9. Another "pop-up" will appear. Click the link inside the pop-up.   (Annotated screenshot
    10. From the list of agencies, find Texas Board of Architectural Examiners and click. (Annotated screenshot)
    11. Enter your Social Security Number where prompted.   You can either type or ignore the dashes.
    12. Find the most convenient fingerprinting office location for you.   Search by ZIP code or browse by region.   The clickable map shows which counties are in which regions. (Annotated screenshot)
    13. When you have found a location you like, look through the calendar for that location for a day with appointments available.   Find a time slot that works for you, select it, and click Next Step. (Annotated screenshot)
    14. Choose whether you would like a copy of your criminal history check (which is NOT required for TBAE licensure - it is an additional service the vendor offers, for an additional price).   Click NO to fulfill the TBAE requirement without receiving a copy, or click YES to fulfill the TBAE requirement and receive your own copy. (Annotated screenshot)
    15. Enter all the required information, denoted by a red asterisk.   Then click Send Information. (Annotated screenshot)
    16. Select how you would like to pay for the fingerprinting, and follow the instructions on screen. (Annotated screenshot)
    17. Review all your submitted information carefully, and consider printing the page for your record keeping. (Annotated screenshot)
    18. Print out and keep your appointment confirmation screen, which contains the location, date, time, and other very important information.   As noted, remember to bring your valid photo ID and FAST Pass to the appointment. (Annotated screenshot)
    19. Arrive at your scheduled time and location to submit your fingerprints.   Things to remember:
      1. Bring your FAST Pass and acceptable identification
      2. You will be photographed, similar to a passport or driver’s license photo
      3. If you are paying by check at the fingerprinting office, be sure to bring payment
      4. Be sure to keep your receipt and any confirmation documents given to you, in case of some type of glitch or issue
      5. Submission of prints is digital (not ink-on-fingertips), and should be a quick process—but it still can take some time (a matter of days) for the vendor’s database to inform TBAE’s database that your prints are submitted, which will enable you to renew your license.
    20. After a few days, log on to your account and renew your license as usual.   If you still get an error message when trying to renew, the vendor may still be processing your fingerprints and sending your information back to TBAE for verification.   You can call MorphoTrust USA at 888-467-2080 to check.

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