How to submit fingerprints: detailed instructions for out-of-state or overseas TBAE registrants

Note: You must create a TBAE online account 72 hours prior to proceeding, if you do not already have one.

This section applies to:

  • Active-status TBAE registrants who do not reside in Texas
  • Inactive- or Emeritus-status registrants who wish to switch back to Active status, and who do not reside in Texas
  • Exam or reciprocal candidates who plan to become registered in Texas and who do not reside in Texas
  • Special notes for out-of-state registrants:

  • You can fulfill this requirement from your local area.   There is no need to travel to Texas or anywhere else.
  • You will have a choice of several places at which to do your fingerprints (read below for more).   Organizations or businesses that routinely provide fingerprinting services include: local police departments, sheriff’s offices, some notaries, and biometric/background companies.
  • A brief survey of fingerprinting locations across the United States indicates that often there is a small additional charge for the service.   Some service providers require scheduling an appointment, and some only provide fingerprint services on certain days of the week.  We recommend some research into your local options before you accidentally waste some time and effort.
  • Fingerprints will be recorded on a “fingerprint card,” and you will send the completed card (and FAST Pass) to the fingerprinting vendor, MorphoTrust USA, at the address below.   Please consider using registered or certified mail, or a delivery service, to send the documentation.   In some cases, the tracking information and other documentation may prove helpful, so consider keeping that information handy.   This is a suggestion only, not a requirement.   Please do NOT send the fingerprint card to TBAE.
  • MorphoTrust USA
    Attn: Texas Card scan
    3051 Hollis Drive, Suite 310
    Springfield, IL 62704
  • In broad strokes, as you will see below, the process has three major steps: (1) getting registered in the MorphoTrust USA system, (2) having a service provider roll your fingerprints onto a card, and (3) mailing your completed fingerprint card and FAST Pass to the vendor.   Start to finish, the process can take some time, so don’t wait until the last minute.
  • The process, step by step:

    1. Get started early; time to completion varies, but very often it can take weeks to complete.   TBAE recommends starting about two months in advance of your intended renewal date.   Once you have registered in the vendor’s online system, you will have a choice of places near you at which you can do the actual fingerprinting on an official fingerprint card.   (You will mail the card to MorphoTrust USA at the end of this process—see below.)   Since some fingerprint service providers only do fingerprints on certain days, and some require scheduling an appointment ahead of time, be sure to budget more than enough time to make it happen.   Other factors that can cause delays might include:
      1. Unpredictable floods of people trying to schedule appointments for any number of reasons
      2. Hectic holiday schedules and office closures
      3. Some other unknown complication
    2. Have the following information handy, because the fingerprinting vendor may ask you for it during the fingerprint registration process:
      1. Name
      2. Date of birth
      3. Sex
      4. Race
      5. Ethnicity
      6. Skin tone
      7. Height
      8. Weight
      9. Eye color
      10. Hair color
      11. Place of birth
      12. Home address
      13. Note: During your fingerprinting (the actual in-person procedure), you will need to provide identification.   Requirements for acceptable identification vary by location, so please have those ready when you arrive at the fingerprinting vendor’s office.
    3. Print out a TBAE FAST Pass for out-of-state registrants.   The FAST Pass contains general instructions, though this page is intended to provide instructions and help in much greater detail than that found on the FAST Pass itself.
    4. Complete and sign the FAST Pass form.   Keep it handy, because you will need to bring it to your appointment and eventually mail it to MorphoTrust USA along with your fingerprint card.
    5. Visit the State’s fingerprinting vendor online at to register your information prior to your fingerprinting.   (Or you can call toll free at 888-467-2080 and the live operator will walk you through the process.   Instructions presented here pertain to the online scheduling process.)
    6. Select Texas or click this direct link. (Annotated screenshot)
    7. Click Online Scheduling. (Annotated screenshot)
    8. Select your preferred language and click Begin Registration.
    9. Enter First and Last Name.
    10. From the list of agencies, find Texas Board of Architectural Examiners and click. (Annotated screenshot)
    11. Enter your Social Security Number where prompted.  You can either type or ignore the dashes.   A “popup” will appear with useful information. (Annotated screenshot)
    12. IMPORTANT!! On the next screen, click the “Pay for Ink Card Submission” button.   Ignore the ZIP code search and map completely! (Annotated screenshot)
    13. Fill in all the required information (denoted by a red asterisk) and click Send Information. (Annotated screenshot)
      Note for out-of-state or overseas registrants/applicants: For the Driver’s License number section, please simply enter 12345678, choose your own state, and select “Other” for the license type. This is a temporary workaround while the vendor fixes a bug in their system.
      Note for overseas registrants/applicants (outside the United States): Instead of your own street address, please enter TBAE’s address information in the Street Address, City, State, and ZIP Code fields: 333 Guadalupe Street, Austin, Texas 78701.
    14. Review your information and (if it looks correct) click Finalize Appointment. (Annotated screenshot)
    15. Print out the page containing your information and keep it safe.   You will need to bring it to whichever facility you choose to do your fingerprints on a “hard card.” (Annotated screenshot)
    16. At this point, you will choose where (in your local area) you would prefer to have your fingerprints rolled onto an FBI fingerprint form.   (You will mail the card and FAST Pass to the vendor later; see below.) You have several options to choose from in selecting where to get printed.   A Google search like “[Your City Name] fingerprinting” likely will help.   Popular choices include:
      1. Your local police station or sheriff’s office
      2. Local biometrics or fingerprinting service providers (even a MorphoTrust USA office in your home town, if there is one)
      3. Notaries public (in some cases)
      4. United States embassies (if you are overseas)
    17. Fill in the RegID blank on your FAST Pass (provided on the printed MorphoTrust USA confirmation page)
    18. Make a copy of your documents, for your own records.   (Recommended, not required.)
    19. Send your completed FBI fingerprint card, FAST Pass, and payment (if applicable) to
      MorphoTrust USA
      Attn:Texas Card Scan
      3051 Hollis Drive, Suite 310
      Springfield, IL 62704
      Helpful tip: Please consider sending these documents via some method that includes a tracking number, delivery receipts, and other information that could prove helpful in the event of a problem—so keep that information handy.   Popular services include registered or certified mail (with delivery receipt), FedEx, or UPS.   This is a suggestion only, not a requirement.
    20. After two to three weeks, log on to your account and renew your license as usual.   If you still get an error message when trying to renew, the vendor may still be processing your fingerprints and sending your information back to TBAE for verification.   You can call MorphoTrust USA at 888-467-2080 to check.

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